Very Rev. KONSTIANTIN MAKSYMOV, UOC, Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia, occupied Ukraine

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Very Rev. Konstiantin Maksymov

Very Rev. Konstiantin Maksymov (b. 1983) was a priest in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church of the Berdiansk eparchy of the UOC in Tokmak, Zaporizhzzhia.

Following the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he found himself in the occupied territories. He objected to the annexation of the Berdiansk eparchy by the Russian Orthodox Church. He was involved in volunteer work.

On the morning of 10 May 2023, he left occupied Tokmak on a volunteer humanitarian mission through Crimea. At 10:27, he told his friends on the phone that he had arrived at a checkpoint, presumably in Chongar. Since then, there has been no contact with Very Rev. Maksymov. The priest was likely to have been detained by the Russian military and ended up in a filtration camp in Dzhankoy.

The whereabouts of the priest and his further fate remain unknown.