Rev. NIKOLAI PLATONOV, Russian Orthodox Church (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

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Rev. Nikolai Platonov

The former rector of two churches in the Sosnovsky district of the Chelyabinsk oblast: St Nicholas the Wonderworker in the village of Tominsky (prayer room) and the Blessed Matrona of Moscow in the village Voznesenka (prayer room), — is not in active ministry.

Rev. Platonov signed the appeal of the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, calling for reconciliation and an end to the war (his signature is number 292). From the very beginning of the war, he recorded videos condemning the war unleashed by Russia and the complicity of the Church in ideological propaganda. He left the active ministry; he explained to the Ahilla project that he could not reconcile his ministry with the unfolding events. In October 2022, Rev. Platonov harshly responded to Patriarch Kirill’s statement that Putin was allegedly at war with the Antichrist.

Fearing persecution, Rev. Platonov was forced to leave Russia and is currently in Montenegro. During first month of his stay he was supported by the Foundation Pristanište.

The story of Rev. Platonov and the conversation with him were published in Novaya Gazeta.