Priest SERGIY RYBAKOV, Russian Orthodox Church (Samara, Russia)

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Very Rev. Sergiy Rybakov

Very Rev. Sergiy Rybakov, former rector of the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at Samara University (Samara eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church).

Since the beginning of the war, he spoke out against it making statements on his social media. This caused a negative reaction from the university and eparchy administration.

In April 2022, a conflict with the eparchy began in the form of phone calls and accusations. In March 2023, Metropolitan Sergiy of Samara and Novokuybyshevsk told the priest that the FSB was keeping him in the focus of their attention. After this, the priest, his family and some parishioners received threats. His VK page was blocked, and the university began removal of the church from its structure; following that, Rev. Rybakov had to leave the active ministry.

15 September 2023 archpriest Sergiy Rybakov was suspended from ministry.