Believer YAUHIEN HLUSHKOU, former sacristan, Belarusian Orthodox Church (Ziabraŭka, Homieĺ region, Belarus)

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Yauhien Hlushkou

A musician, veterinarian, former sacristan at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish in the village of Prybytki, Homieĺ region.

Hlushkou was detained and placed in custody in August 2022. Contacts of Ukrainians and an old photo of the airfield in Ziabraŭka used by Russian troops for airstrikes in Ukraine were found in his phone. The photo was taken from a drone; this was the reason for the criminal prosecution under part 1 of art. 356 (Treason). The case was considered behind closed doors. Hlushkou was found guilty of treason to the state and assistance to extremist activity. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Priest Piotr Prakaptsou, at the parish of whom Yauhien was a sacristan, was also persecuted in Belarus because of his anti-war stance.