Pastor MIKHAIL MANZURIN, Kingdom of Glory, Moscow

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Pastor Mikhail Manzurin

Pastor of the Evangelical Kingdom of Glory church, Moscow. After the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he prayed for Ukraine at weekly services, but did not pray for Russia’s victory. After the worship, during a tea with church parishioners, he told them that Russia’s actions in Ukraine were wrong.

The Manzurins’ opposition to the war led to their community to shrink to such an extent that on some Sundays the only people who participated in worship were the Manzurins themselves. The parents of Manzurin’s students saw his anti-war posts on social media and complained to the director of the language school. The director reproached Manzurin for behaving unpatriotically and un-Christianly. Manzurin was forced to resign.

After the announcement of partial mobilization, Manzurin left Russia: first to Kazakhstan, then he reached Mexico where he received permission to enter the United States for humanitarian reasons. He is awaiting a decision on his political asylum claim in the United States.

The Christianity Today published a large article about the Manzurin family.