Believer ANDREY TSAPKALENKO, Russian Orthodox Church (Khabarovsk, Russia)

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Andrey Tsapkalenko

Employee of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Khabarovsk, 61 years old.

On 6 March 2022, Tsapkalenko was with the protesters who opposed the war and supported Sergei Furgal in the square of his city. Tsepkalenko told the participants that he worked in the cathedral, but he called the behaviour of the leadership of the church and Russia anti-Christian. He quoted the Gospel words, “you will know them by their fruits”.

For this speech, a criminal case was opened against him under the article on insulting the feelings of believers (part 1 of article 148 of the Criminal Code) in June 2022. On 28 December 2022, the case was dismissed due to the lack of evidence of the committed crime.