Archpriest VADIM PERIMENOV, Russian Orthodox Church (Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region, Russia)

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Rev. Vadim Perimenov

Priest Vadim Perimenov, a cleric of the Kainsk Eparchy of the Novosibirsk Metropolis.

Rev. Perimenov did not read at the liturgy the On Holy Rus’ prayer prescribed by the leadership of the Patriarchate. On 19 April 2024, he addressed Metropolitan Nikodim of Novosibirsk and Berdsk with a letter explaining that he did not read the prayer under “the guidance by the Holy Scriptures… and my conscience” since he considers “it is not acceptable for me to pray for victory in the fratricidal war between Orthodox Christians.”

The priest was reported for not reading the prescribed prayer. He was exiled to a rural parish and then banned from active ministry.